Free Shipping Promo

Any order of $250+ will receive free shipping!  Must pay by credit card.  Good through 12/31/2020.  Mark “We Care Program” in order notes.

Fall Promotion

Receive following discounts while supplies last:
Ruanas – 20% discount
Leggings – 50% discount
Boots & Booties – 25% discount
Minimum order $100 after discount has been applied.  Must ship ASAP.  Write on separate order marked, “Fall Promo” in order notes.  Good through 12/31/2020.

Dream Program Promotion

20% discount on initial and all reorders of spinner pre-packs from Ice Blu, Natural Elements and Genuine Pearl Collection.
Mark “DREAMPROGRAM” in notes.

Fall/Winter 2020 Promotion

Order $500+ of Fall and Winter items and receive 5% discount.  
Good only on Fall/Winter items and cannot include hardware or non-seasonal goods.  Good through 11/30/2020.

Spring/Summer 2021 Pre-Book

Order $600 and receive 5% discount.
Order $1,500 and receive Net 45 and 5% freight cap.
Order $3,000 and receive Net 60 and Free Freight.
Good on orders through 11/30/2020.

Immediate Ship Promo

Order $500+ and receive 10% discount.  Must pay by credit card.  Must ship ASAP.  Use Promo Code CC10.

Pre-Book Spring 2021

Order $400+ and receive Free Freight
Order $1,000+ and receive 5% discount and Free Freight
Order $1,500+ and receive 10% discount and Free Freight
Orders must be placed by 12/1/2020.  Shipping starts 2/1/2021.  Add “Spring Pre-Book 2021” in order notes.

Christmas Special

20% discount on Glass Trees, Bottle Stoppers, Platters, Hostess Sets, Wine Charms
10% discount on all other Christmas items

Wind Chime Special

Order a Wind Chime Floor Display and receive a 10% discount, free freight and a free display.

Let’s Get Close Again Promotion

Order $250+ and receive 5% discount.  Good through 10/30/2020.  Must use Promo Code: BH250.

Retail It or Return It Promotion

Have 10 days from receipt of product to decide to retail or return items.
Customer care will issue call tag.  All products must have original tags and packaging to avoid 15% restocking fee and must be post dated 10 days from receipt.  Not applicable on fixtures or PPE items.  Good through 10/31/2020.

October Promotion

Order $500+ and receive 10% Freight Cap.  Use Promo Code:  Oct201
Order $750+ and receive Net 60 and 10% Freight Cap.  Use Promo Code: Oct202
Order $1,500+ and receive Net 60 and Free Freight.  Use Promo Code: Oct203
Order $2,000+ and receive Net 60, Free Freight and 5% Discount.  Use Promo Code: Oct204
Good through 10/31/2020.  Ship by 10/31/2020, no future orders.   Excludes PPE, Sale or Fixtures/Displays.

October Special

Order $350+ and receive Free Freight
Inis Revitalising Body Lotion – Buy 5 and get 1 FREE.  Limit 2 Free Body Lotions per customer.
Good through 10/31/2020.  

October Special

25% off all Sophie la girafe
10% off all Putty Nursery
Special excludes Putty Duck WubbaNub Pacifier.  Good through 10/31/2020.  Add “Oct20” to comments on order.

FRESH Catalog Dating Program

Order $500+ with $200 from FRESH catalog and receive 12/1/2020 dating.
Mary Meyer OUTLET products 2020 (closeouts) do not qualify toward $200 minimum.

Drop-Ship Special

Drop-ship to store’s customers for $7 drop-ship fee (plus freight).  No minimum order required.

Gift Set Promotion

Receive a FREE CASE of 1.5 oz. Orange Blossom Honey Lotions for every $200 spent of Gift Sets.
Use Promo Code: GIFTY20.  Good on any combo of gift sets totalling $200 before shipping.  Promo can be used a max of 3 times per customer or location. 
Must enter Promo Code in order notes to qualify.  Must ship ASAP.  Good through 11/16/2020.

Last Order Discount

3-6 months since last order receives 4% discount
6-9 months since last order receives 8% discount
9-12 months since last order receives 12% discount and Free Freight.
Promo Code: NVR2L8.  No expiration.

Floor Display Promotion

Order 180 full size or floor puzzles and receive free freight and free display.  Promo Code: NYPFLOOR2019.  No expiration.

New Account Discount Special

25% discount on opening order

Free display.  Free freight on everything.  Net 90.  Minimum of 80 pockets must be ordered.

Welcome Back Promo

Order $500+ and receive Free Freight, 5% discount and Net 60.
Order $1,500+ and receive Free Freight, 5% discount and Net 90.
Use Promo Code: WELCOME2020.  

Fall & Winter 2020

Order $2,500+ receive 12/1/2020 dating.

Garden Pre-Book 2021

Order $1,000+ and receive 18% freight cap.
Order $2,500+ and receive 15% freight cap and 5% discount.
Order $4,000+ and receive free freight.
Ships 12/15/2020 or later.  Pick your terms – Net 4/10/2021 or Net 60.
Good through 10/31/2020.  Use Promo Code: GD21.

Summer Show/Road Specials

Order $500+ and receive Net 90.
Order $1,200+ and receive 12/10/2020 dating and 10% freight cap.
Order $2,500+ and receive 12/10/2020 dating and 5% freight cap.

Free Freight Promotion

Order $1,200 and receive free freight, when paid on time.

Spring 2021 Pre-Book

Order $750+ = Net 60
Order $2,000+ = Net 60 and 10% freight cap
Order $3,000+ = Net 60 and Free Freight
Promo Code: ED21.  Good through 12/1/2020.  Must ship between 1/2/2021 – 4/15/2021.

Road/Show Special

Order $500+ and receive 5% discount.
Order $1,000+ and receive 10% discount.
Order $1,500+ and receive 15% discount.
Order $2,000+ and receive 20% discount.
Includes Everyday and Holiday orders.  Good through 11/15/2020.  Must ship ASAP. 
Must note in comments Road or Show Special and the corresponding discount amount.

Road/Show Special

All orders under $1,000 receive 5% discount.
Orders $1,000+ receive 5% discount OR 18% freight cap.
Orders $2,000+ receive 5% discount OR 16.5% freight cap.
Must ship by 11/30/2020.